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Beautiful Chaos Organizing helped me develop a highly functional system for my home that is unique to the needs of my family. I love that it's not your standard "one-size-fits-all approach", rather, it's a customized plan tailored to my lifestyle and preferences. I truly believe that is the key to why the system still works for me and my family 6 months down the road

- Kayla S.

Amanda not only helped me organize my home, she's given me tips to keep it that way! She really has a gift for decluttering a home, which is the start to a decluttered life.

- Tanya W.

Amanda helped me in the process of downsizing into a new home, which included the significant task of determining what items to keep, toss or donate.  Amanda walked me through the entire process and provided solutions on how to better organize my kitchen, pantry, closets and personal files. I am so grateful that Amanda took what I considered to be an overwhelming project and made it a fun and reassuring process.  I look forward to having her back to organize my home office and craft room!

-Deb T.

Amanda helped us organize our new pantry space as well as existing pull out drawers in our kitchen. She taught us some great organizing hacks, was very knowledgeable and was so fun to work with! She helped make both spaces functional AND easy to maintain. We've now lived with the space for over a month and it looks the same as the day she finished! I'm no longer stressed trying to find items and I no longer overbuy at the grocery store because I know exactly what I have and where it is kept. THANK YOU Amanda. Now to find another project you can help us with...

-Lisa D.

Amanda guided me through the process of purging and organizing my basement storage room that had gotten out of control on me.  She guided me through the process of keep, upcycle and time to move on.  We were able to work together to completely reorganize my storage area, utilizing the storage containers I had on hand to store the "stuff" I chose not to part with, and eliciting a "WOW' from my husband.  I was thrilled with what we were able to accomplish in two 3 hour sessions, and would not hesitate to have Amanda back to assist with future projects.  Thank you Amanda!

-Mary R.

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